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Western Foothills Land Trust is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.  |  EIN# 01-6083123

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Please make a donation to support the work of Western Foothills Land Trust. A check can be sent to Western Foothills Land Trust, PO Box 107, Norway, Maine 04268 or click on the button below to donate with a credit card and take take advantage of the opportunity to give recurring automatic payments, dedicate donations, choose where the donation would like to be placed, preserve your privacy and sign up for newsletters.






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Please help to preserve significant wilderness, agricultural, and heritage properties

in Western Maine with a membership to the Western Foothills Land Trust. Become a member through the Donate Now button by specifying that your donation is for WFLT membership.


Membership Levels

Individual   $35

Family   $50

Steward   $100

Corporate  $250



If you are unable to make a donation or if you would enjoy getting your hands dirty, there are many opportunities to volunteer with WFLT with trail work, mapping, event planning and help, marketing and general


Endowments & Bequests

Gifts of those who include Western Foothills Land Trust in their estate planning can make a valuable contribution while taking advantage of federal and state tax laws that may allow reduction of income taxes, lower gift and estate taxes, or provide income during the donor's lifetime.


Some of the possibilities include a bequest through a will or trust; naming Western Foothills Land Trust as the beneficiary of an insurance policy or retirement plan; a charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust; and a pooled income fund.


For more information about planned giving, including bequests and annuities, please contact Lee Dassler at 207-739-2124.


Ram Island Conservation Fund 25/25 Endowment Challenge

Setting Up For Success: $25,000 Endowment Challenge, Maine Community Foundation


John and Lori Gunn introduced their daughter to Nordic skiing at Roberts Farm Preserve. They worked together balancing support and freedom, setting Aoife up for fun that day and for a lifetime of outdoor curiosity and enjoyment.


The Trust is proud to offer opportunities in our community for experiences like Aoife's first ski, and we are honored to have so many wonderful supporters and volunteers. The board of the land trust has worked very hard to realize our conservation goals, while providing community recreation where appropriate at our Preserves, including Roberts Farm.


Along with three other land trusts, WFLT has been awarded a Ram Island Conservation Fund 25/25 Endowment Challenge, a challenge grant designed to promote fiscal and organizational sustainability among Maine's land trusts. WFLT has a year to raise $25,000 in new funds to secure the $25,000 challenge grant, thereby establishing a $50,000 endowment which we will grow over time. The Trust will be able to count on income from the endowment's interest on an annual basis.

Raising an endowment isn't particularly fun, but is no different than raising a timber frame: the more hands lifting the load, the lighter the individual burden. So please consider lending a hand and making a contribution or pledge in the next 12 months. The land trust board is committed to 100% participation in the endowment challenge. Your support will set us up for success.









Lori, Aoife and John Gunn skiing at Roberts Farm in Norway, Maine



The Trust would not be able to fulfill its mission without volunteers: board directors, trail builders, groomers, event coordinators, web designers, hut hosts, and yes, social media volunteers. Here are five "back office" volunteers who have made a huge difference in the viability and success of the Trust.


A Senior Legal Assistant for the Trust for Public Land in New York, Simon Rucker loves to visit Roberts Farm Preserve with his young family when visiting his father in Norway. From the wilds of Brooklyn, Simon has administered the Preserve's Facebook page for several years.


Retired Norway Librarian, Trust founder, current Trust member, and easement donor Ann Siekman, is our new membership volunteer. Ann is managing the database and making sure that we thank our members and donors in a reasonable time. Additionally, Ann is also pitching in with our efforts towards accreditation.


After Callie and Joe Zilinsky protected their farm with an easement in 2011, Joe joined our Board of Directors. He jumped right onto the Board as our hard working Treasurer. While Quickbooks is periodically more challenging to handle than his team of Belgians, Joe has been providing the Board with accurate and useful reports.


Beyond helping with warming hut framing and raising: timber framer, athlete and professional performer, Fred Garbo, was our trail groomer extraordinaire this winter.


Moose Pond Arts+Ecology graphic designer, Zizi Vlaun, has volunteered many many hours of brochure, trail map, and website design to the Trust.


"Roberts Farm is a place I love to go to and use for recreational purposes—getting
 others out there to do the same is logical, and doing it from Brooklyn via social

media is the best way I can help WFLT. The benefit to me and my family

(especially my kids as they get older) far outweighs the cost of volunteering."

–Simon Rucker

Miriam, Jonah, Samantha and Simon Rucker

Joe Zilnisky with Jerry during a tour of his farm in Otisfield

Ann Siekman and her chestnut tree

Fred Garbo hamming it up with Zizi Vlaun

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