Community Conservation: Supporting an Active and Healthy Western Maine Presentation (PDF 14 MB)

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2016-2017 Completed Land and Trail Projects

Completed Land Acquisitions

  • Hatch Preserve at Hawk Mountain, Waterford: 147.3 acre woodlands parcel donated in November by Theron and Brook Hatch. The working forest will provide needed revenue for the Trust. Alternative hiking trails will be created on twitch trails post-fall 2017 harvest. The Trust will collaborate with the town of Waterford to restrict unauthorized motor vehicles to the summit to reduce erosion, litter, partying, and fires.

  • Noyes Mountain, Greenwood: 295-acres securing access to and views from the summit, protecting Norway’s sentinel view across Pennesseewassee, providing recreational trails, hunting access, and working forestlands. The Trust closed on the land with a $230,000 bridge loan from The Conservation Fund in February. We need to raise stewardship funds now- approx. $30,000 and intend to pay off the loan this year thanks to generous local donors, the Open Space Institute, and an anonymous donor.


Completed Easements

  • The Konsto and Lillian Cummings Family Farm (278-acres) and Peter Cummings Farm (41-acres) easement purchases, Paris: 319 contiguous acres protected with funding from Maine Farmland Trust.

  • DelCuore Farm easement purchase, Norway:158-acre farm protected with funding from the Maine Farmland Trust

  • Gass Farm easement, Paris: 38-acre farm parcel protected by the heirs of Ann Gass. Stewardship funding provided in part by Maine Farmland Trust.

  • McIntire neighborhood farm easement purchase, Waterford: 64-acre farm easement with an adjacent 60-acre woodlot; the start of an agricultural neighborhood project.


Ongoing 2017-2018 Land Acquisition Projects

  • Fogg Lot, Otisfield: WFLT will be purchasing the fee on a 68-acre working forest parcel this summer. The parcel is adjacent to, and joins, two forested parcels currently owned by WFLT, Oak Hill and Watkins South. The three parcels will protect 268 continuous acres and 7,804' of contiguous protected shoreline. Funding provided by TNC, OSI, CBEP, and the Portland Water District.

  • Harvard Mine, Greenwood: The Trust has negotiated a $50,000 P&S with Harvard Mine owner Frank Perham following an appraisal of the 1-acre historic quarry. The Trust will be submitting an LMF grant application for the purchase.

  • Hawk Mtn LLC, Waterford: Additional 16-acre parcel adjacent to the Town of Waterford parcel and the Hatch Preserve at Hawk Mountain to be donated in 2017. Another Hawk Mtn abutter may donate land in 2017 also….

  • Roberts Farm Extension: WFLT intends to purchase land east of Roberts Farm Preserve to provide a trail link to downtown. The Trust will once again submit an LMF grant for the purchase. Project will require a few trail easements and a trail head on Water Street.

Ongoing 2017- 2018 Projects

  • Rail Trail, Norway- Paris: Benefitting from a Rivers Trails Conservation Assistance Grant and growing from our work with the Active Community Environments Group, the Trust has been involved with project partners, Norway Branch Rail Road, Norway and Paris Recreation Departments, Norway Downtown, the Progress Center, 5210 Let’s Go! and Healthy Oxford Hills to investigate improving conditions for trail users on a section of the old Norway Branch RR.

  • Roberts Farmstead Planning: Thanks to a planning grant from the Betterment Fund, the Trust and partners at Roberts Farm (including SAD17, Norway Downtown, Healthy Oxford Hills) have been working with Barba and Wheelock Preservation and Architecture and Todd Richardson Associates on a master plan for the farmstead area at the Preserve, and on plans for structures to accommodate the current and foreseeable needs of the partners and the community.

  • Sebago Clean Waters: WFLT continues to work with robust conservation partners to protect the water quality of the Sebago Lake Watershed. Partners include the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership, Loon Echo Land Trust, Highstead, The Nature Conservancy, the Open Space Institute, and the Portland Water District.

  • As part of the Sebago Clean Waters work, funding was provided by TNC to support a pt program coordinator for the Trust. Long time Trust-volunteer, Kelly Hodgkins, was selected as the Program/Communications Coordinator.

  • Stream Crossing, Twin Bridges Parcel, Otisfield: Funded by a DEP grant, the Trust will replace a hanging culvert with a bridge, reopening significant trout habitat from the Crooked River to Little Pond.

  • Witt’s End Trail Phase II, Norway: Trust will resubmit an RTP grant for the second phase of the trail, across the Old Witt Cart Rd.

Trail Work Ahead

  • Second Kiosk at Roberts Farm: Funded by the Ed meadow’s Fund (Maine Community Foundation) to be built by Blackdog Timberworks.

  • Kiosk and gates at Noyes Mountain: kiosk to be built by Blackdog Timberworks.

  • Kiosk, signage, and gates at Hatch Preserve at Hawk Mountain. Looking for funding.

  • Preserve signage, Lowell trail signage at Virgil Parris Forest. Looking for funding.

  • Twin Bridges: Kiosk, gate, and trail signage to follow light harvest. Funded by LMF.