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LOCATION: 570 Pleasant St, Norway

DISTANCE: 1-mile trail


FUN FACT: The Swamp is named after Benjamin Witt,
Norway’s first blacksmith.

witt swamp pitcher plant.jpg

Welcome to Witt Swamp Preserve. The Swamp is named after Benjamin Witt, one of the Norway’s founders and the town’s first blacksmith. Between 1872–2004, the forest was owned by C. B. Cummings & Sons of Norway and was last harvested with draft horses in the 1950s. The 141-acre parcel was purchased by the Western Foothills Land Trust in 2004.

The mile-long Witt Swamp loop trail has been created for quiet exploration by numerous volunteers for your enjoyment. Please stay on the marked trail and follow standard trail etiquette of leave no trace. We encourage you to send any nature observations or photos along the trail to

Witts Swamp Mini Map.jpg
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