Dedicated to the conservation and protection of native ecosystems, farm and forestlands, watersheds,
and scenic landscapes for the benefit of wild and human communities in western Maine.

Western Foothills Land Trust

Oct 1, 6pm - Nomad Trail Series, FINAL 8.5k Race, Roberts Farm


Oct 4, 10am - Nordic Walk at Shepard’s Farm Preserve


Oct 17, 10am - Noyes Mountain Hike, Greenwood


Oct 25, 10am - 3x1k or 3x2k
Mtn Bike/Air-rifle Biathlon


Oct 31, 10am - 2k or 5k Canine-Cross– w/costumes?


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Start training for the 9th ANNUAL NORWAY TRIATHLON, July 9th, 2016!

Held annually at Lake Pennesseewassee Park in Norway, Maine. This event is USAT-sanctioned.


Race Results for 2015:


For information about the triathlon, how you can contribute, volunteer, or register as a triathlete or as part of a team, please visit All proceeds support WFLT!



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Western Foothills Land Trust is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Western Foothills Land Trust protects farmlands, wetlands, forestlands, unique natural resources and open space in the greater Oxford Hills area of Western Maine. The Trust holds conservation easements on privately owned lands (3,615 acres) and owns 7 Preserves in the region (1,856 acres). The Trust also manages recreational trails on its Preserves and collaborates within its community to create healthy opportunities.


Please consider making a contribution towards Western Foothills Land Trust membership, general support, or the fundraising campaign for the Roberts Farm Preserve to further the work. Help us to make a difference in the local landscape and CONTRIBUTE TODAY!

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Noyes Mountain Campaign
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Most often the land trust works with land owners to protect the working lands they have loved and managed to assure that the natural assets of the land will be available for future generations. Less frequently the Trust works to purchase land that has been identified as significant for its natural resources, location, or cultural significance.


Noyes Mountain is an example of both. The Trust is working with the owners to create a long term vision for land they love, beneficial for the land, the sellers, and the community. The 286-acre parcel the Trust intends to purchase for $300,000 includes road access, a 600’ elevation gain, a section of old county road and miles of well-maintained twitch trails, 12 acres of prime farmland soils, a northern hardwood forest, state-identified rare plant species, and provides access to the pegmatitic outcroppings of the Harvard Quarry (tourmaline!) The Noyes Mountain parcel provides excellent wildlife habitat as it lies in an undeveloped block of 2,691 acres. It also includes over 2,000 feet of stream habitat and, given its size and altitude, is an important forested filter for the Norway Lake watershed.


Noyes Mountain will provide non-motorized access to the rare views from the summit and quarry. The iconic view of Noyes Mountain from the southern shore of Norway Lake, will remain as it has been since settlement, a working rural landscape. The Trust will manage Noyes Mountain similar to other Preserves we steward. It would maintain existing trails on site, and potentially add additional trails for hiking, skiing, and mountain biking if consistent with our overall resource conservation goals. It would continue to allow hunting on site, keep the parcel in tree growth tax basis and manage the forest responsibly.