Dedicated to the conservation and preservation of native ecosystems, farm and forest lands, watersheds, and scenic landscapes for the benefit of wild and human communities in western Maine. Western Foothills Land Trust was founded in 1987 by citizens committed to land and natural resource protection in the greater Oxford Hills area of Western Maine.

Western Foothills Land Trust is a member of Maine Land Trust Network and the national Land Trust Alliance. As a member of the extensive network of land trusts in Maine, Western Foothills Land Trust protects land by advocating locally for open space and resource protection, stewarding lands held in fee-ownership, and assisting landowners as a legal holder of donated or purchased conservation easements.


"Once you have preserved your property, you look at it in a different way... you take the long view of management and treat your land in a sustainable way that will preserve it. You become more of a husband to your land."  —Robert Van Nest


Western Foothills Land Trust protects farmlands, wetlands, forestlands, unique natural resources and open space in the greater Oxford Hills area of Western Maine. The Trust holds conservation easements on privately owned lands and owns working forest lands and preserves in the region. The Trust also manages recreational trails on its preserves and collaborates within its community to create healthy opportunities. 


Over 7000 acres protected

 32 easements, 4,190 acres

18 fee lands, 3,023 acres

6 forever wild preserves

6 working forests

6 preserves with trails