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Featuring the Artworks of:

Mary DeLano, Nikki Millonzi, Virginia Valdez, Kimberly Hamlin

Preview and Exhibition Schedule

June 25, 2021: Public Art Opening at Shepard's Farm, 5:30-7:30

Western Foothills Land Trust (WFLT) is pleased to announce the second iteration of the “Clothesline Project”: a series of temporary outdoor art exhibitions created by four local artists, to be hung at Shepard’s Farm Preserve in Norway, Maine. The Preserve is located at 121 Crockett Ridge Road and is part of a larger 272-acre conservation area that wraps around Witt Swamp. The title “Clothesline Project” pays homage to the history of the Penley Clothespin Company, formerly of West Paris. Through this project, WFLT hopes to reinforce our community’s memory of a once huge local industry (wooden clothespins) that will reflect on the Covid-19 pandemic and how it has inspired connection to natural landscape and art in our everyday lives. 


In 2018 WFLT built a half-mile universally accessible trail at Shepard’s Farm with funding from The Davis Family Foundation, The Stephens Healthcare Foundation, Norway Savings Bank, and the Maine Arts Commission. The trail provides a pleasurable wander through a former agricultural landscape and provides access to six Bernard Langlais sculptures. Eventually the Trust would like to add to the permanent outdoor collection at the preserve. This project, more temporary in scale, will provide an introduction to new artists, new materials, and new concepts of visual art at the preserve.  


The project is being administered by Diana Arcadipone of The Folk Arts Studio @ Fiber&Vine in Norway. Four artists were selected for exhibitions to be installed outdoors between July through September 2021. Selected artists will participate in a preview opening on June 25, providing a taste of what’s to come on the 20’ clothesline. The four local artists selected and their exhibition dates are as follows:


Preview Opening: 5:30 June 25th


Mary Delano: July 16-26

Nikki Millonzi: August 6-16

Virginia Valdes: August 20-30

Kimberly Hamlin: September 10-20


The 2021 Clothesline Project is made possible through the

generous support of The David Nichols Charitable Trust.

Diana Arcadipone, Coordinator 

The Clothesline Project of The Western Foothills Land Trust

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